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At Corus Hotels we believe that the local economic and social impact of our brands can be managed positively and responsibly and one of our key objectives is to build a sustainable business for the long term.

We understand this cannot be achieved unless we are committed to acting in a socially responsible manner in respect of our guests, team members, local communities, and the environment in which we operate.

Corus Hotels are passionate about delivering a well-developed and defined approach to our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and recognise that in a changing world we must continue to adapt.

Our core values are pivotal to how we behave and shape the actions we take to improve our operations and performance. At the same time, this activity must align with our understanding of the role we play in our local communities and we must seek to minimise any negative impacts from our actions.

This document sets out the principles we aim to follow to achieve this:

CSR principles

Corus Hotels strives to regularly identify key CSR issues arising in the company and agree corporate principles that address these matters whilst agreeing actions for improvement. The core CSR principles include:

  • Shared Responsibility: by developing and implementing social and environmental policies with the businesses key stakeholders to ensure shared ownership of responsibilities and rewards.
  • Accountability: holding a level of responsibility to take actions that support our people and communities
  • Honesty: communicating our policies, objectives, and performance openly and honestly to all stakeholders
  • Improved sustainability: developing and implementing CSR policies whilst taking relevant measures to review all CSR activities and performance
  • Demonstrated Compliance: meeting or exceeding all relevant legislation and where no relevant legislation exists aiming to development our own standards

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